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Accreditation of LAMDA Exams – the QCF


All LAMDA Exams have official accreditation as part of the national Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This framework organises qualifications at a range of levels and across a range of disciplines into a single standardised structure. Within this structure, each qualification has a specific value. The idea is that learners can gain qualifications at their own pace and along flexible routes – standardisation means that the value of assorted qualifications can be instantly appreciated by a potential employer or admissions officer.


The QCF arranges qualifications into 8 levels of difficulty. GCSEs (grades A*–C) are at Level 2 and A Levels are at Level 3. A PhD (doctorate) is at Level 8. LAMDA Exam levels are in line with the QCF levels.


The QCF also arranges qualifications into three sizes:

  • Award

  • Certificate

  • Diploma


The size of a qualification is determined not by its difficulty but by how long it takes to complete.

So here is how LAMDA Exams look within the context of the QCF:


QCF Level                LAMDA Level               LAMDA Exam                Size        

Entry                        Entry                            Entry                             Award

Level 1                     Level 1                        Grade 1                         Award

                                                                   Grade 2                         Award

                                                                   Grade 3                         Award

Level 2                     Level 2                        Grade 4                         Award

                                                                   Grade 5                         Award

Level 3                     Level 3                        Grade 6                         Certificate

                                                                   Grade 7                         Certificate

                                                                   Grade 8                         Certificate

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