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LAMDA Exams with Academy Arts



Students will take a LAMDA Exam every year, (Month TBC.) They move up a grade each year. Below is a guide to the exams relating to age.


LAMDA level                   LAMDA exam               Age        School year

INTRODUCTORY            Stage 1                        5            Year 1

                                      Stage 2                        6            Year 2

                                      Stage 3                        7            Year 3


ENTRY                            Entry                            8            Year 4


LEVEL 1                         Grade 1                        9             Year 5

                                     Grade 2                       10            Year 6

                                     Grade 3                       11            Year 7


LEVEL 2                         Grade 4                       12            Year 8

                                     Grade 5                       13            Year 9


LEVEL 3                         Grade 6                       14            Year 10

                                     Grade 7                       15            Year 11

                                     Grade 8                       16            Year 12


However, this table is only a guide. Students move around according to confidence, experience, or because siblings or friends want to be in the same class. Our goal is to challenge our students without over stretching them. We aim to help them develop and progress at a rate with which they are comfortable. Our small classes enable us to consider the particular needs of every individual student.

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