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Why take LAMDA Exams?



LAMDA Exams offer an ongoing measurement of progress in speech and drama. The gradual progression through the LAMDA grades provides benchmarks for every stage of a student’s development. The LAMDA grades provide a useful underpinning for the Academy Arts classes and help us to support a steady improvement in self-confidence, vocal and physical technique, and language awareness.


LAMDA Exams are well tailored to the abilities of students of different ages. For a five-year-old, reciting an eight-line poem is an achievement to be celebrated, and for a sixteen-year-old, delivering a Shakespeare soliloquy or giving a speech on a pressing moral or ethical issue issue is equally praiseworthy. LAMDA Exams recognise these achievements, provide a context within which they can be assessed, and reward them with nationally recognised qualifications.



LAMDA examiners have no connection to Academy Arts. Parents and teachers can be assured that a student’s ability as a performer and communicator is being objectively and fairly assessed.



LAMDA’s reasonable adjustment policy makes allowances for students with particular education needs, as well as those with English as a second language. This policy enables Academy Arts to promote its own practice of inclusiveness.


Who could take a LAMDA Exam?

All kinds of people could benefit from taking LAMDA Exams:

  • Anyone who loves drama and wants to do more

  • Drama students who want to polish their skills, improve stage technique, work with interesting texts and prepare for auditions

  • Those who want to improve their spoken English and work on presentation skills

  • Students who could use drama as a way of gaining extra UCAS points..

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