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Academy Arts Terms & Conditions: Page 1


1.1 Each child is offered a free trial session or class. Thereafter, upon enrolment, fees for Academy Kids and Academy Arts Theatre School are payable termly in advance (with a two instalment option).

1.2 All fees must be paid in full by the first day of term.

1.3 Pupils, whose fees are outstanding, will be denied access to class until their fees have cleared.

1.4 Academy Kids Sibling discount 10%. Theatre School sibling discount 50%.

1.5 Failure to pay any fees owed will be referred to our Solicitor and action taken to recoup funds as necessary.

1.6 A 50% discount on the full term fee is payable should any theatre school student wish to attend a second branch. There is no Sibling discount on the second branch fee.

1.7  The Principal reserves the right to alter the price of classes with half a term’s notice to parents.

1.8 Unless Academy Arts is otherwise notified in writing by you before the sixth (6th) week of the Course, a Student is automatically re-enrolled onto the Course for the following Term. 



2.1 A full Half-Term’s notice is required in writing if any pupil will not be continuing with their class.

2.2 Failure to provide the required notice will result in a half term’s fee being payable in lieu of notice.



3.1 All fees are non-refundable.

3.2 Refunds will only be issued in the unlikely event that a class or workshop is cancelled by Academy Arts.



4.1 Pupils must arrive for class dressed in the appropriate uniform with the required footwear. Academy uniform is all black.

4.2 Academy Arts T-shirts are compulsory and are available to order from the Academy Arts website may also purchase hoodies & bottoms.

4.3 Please ensure that all personal belongings and items of uniform are clearly named.



5.1 All pupils are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner whilst attending classes and be respectful to both teachers and fellow pupils at all times. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.

5.2 Any pupil that acts without regard for others will be cautioned and their parents informed.

5.3 The Principal reserves the right to terminate the tuition of any persistently disruptive pupil.

5.4 Mobile phones must be either switched off or on silent and must only be brought to class if they are being used for the purpose of recording harmony lines in singing class.



6.1 Pupils are encouraged to show commitment in their attendance of classes. This is particularly important during any show rehearsal period or in the term leading up to our competition. Parents are requested to support their children in this.

Terms & Conditions Continued: Pg 2 Click here for PDF of T&Cs